About Me

304530_10151140434829047_1330237721_nI am currently a junior studying Public Relations with a political science minor at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Outside of school I enjoy hanging with friends and family, hunting and music. I currently coach the Regis High School tennis teams as well as the middle school teams. I have found coaching to be very a very rewarding experience and I enjoy teaching kids to play the play the sport that I grew up loving.

Beginning Journalism

How has taking a beginning journalism course helped me thus far? I believe this class has helped give me a greater understanding to multimedia. Coming into this class I had zero experience working with any sort of multimedia. I beleive this class has given me an edge on the competition when I enter the public relations work force in the future.


This class is going to be instrumental for my future in journalism going forward. I have learned the different written and unwritten rules of online and newsprint journalism. It has given me practice in writing different types of stories, whether it be just a lead or an entire news story. CJ 222 has made a great impact on me and my education moving forward.